The Act No-3993 adopted on June 1, 1994 and enacted in the Official Gazette No-21952 dated 06/06/1994 enabled “Galatasaray Education and Training Institution” to receive the status of Galatasaray University, and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology was founded affiliated with the Rector’s Office. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology possesses two departments: Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Industrial Engineering.

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology is to educate highly ingenious individuals equipped with knowledge, skill and talent that are essential to our country and humanity in the light of universal values; to enable their access to universal information, and to provide the means for the production and the usage of information for the good of society.

The vision of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology is to become an institution of excellence in terms of science and education at both national and international levels by facilitating cooperation and communication with internal and external partners and by contributing to the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of our country in surpassing the level of modern civilization.